A heaven-like spread of goodness delivered by the gods themselves, but this time only in a brownie. These brownies are jammed with milk chocolate and rich Nutella and will having your stomach wanting more.



Don’t worry Oreo lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you! Our cookies and cream brownies are marbled to perfection, just like an Oreo cookie  its filled with silky white chocolate and got to have those Oreo cookies in there too! (Can be nut free upon request)



Did you get your glass of milk yet? Trust me you’ll need it! If you are as incisive as I am then this is your brownie match. A cookie dough-based brownie topped with raw edible cookie dough, don’t worry we won’t judge if you eat the raw cookie dough before anything else. (Can be nut free upon request)



Are you feeling a bit “white girl” today and didn’t have time to stop by Starbucks? If you just close your eyes while you’re eating this brownie, you’ll feel like you’re right at the café. All our salted caramel brownies are finished off with sea salt, so you’ll be sure to have just the right amount with your caramel. (Can be nut free upon request)



Peanut butter lovers rejoice! We’ve made all of your dreams come true with this brownie that is filled to the rim with Reese’s pieces and smothered in warm peanut butter once out of the oven. Is there anything even better than that?



Has the child in you come out yet? Well grab a couple of these brownies and you’ll be feeling like one again in no time! These brownies are jammed packed with milk chocolate and mini M&M’s so every bite will feel like your childhood again and again and again and you’ve just finished the box. 



One creamy dessert jammed into one delicious brownie. This is one brownie you’ll need to have on your cheat day since you’ll be getting 2 in 1!(Can be nut free upon request) 



This brownie is filled with white chocolate and pistachios one of our favorites partnered with a coffee for a perfect Sunday morning. Oh, you guys thought I was done with the new flavors. Nah, we’re just changing the brownie game...



Honestly, who doesn’t love chocolate? This brownie is filled with silky white chocolate, rich milk chocolate and can’t forget about that 75% bitter dark chocolate. You won’t want to wait those 10 seconds in the microwave to warm it up to perfection to enjoy this chocolaty brownie. (Can be nut free upon request)



Crunchy on the outside,soft and chewy on the inside. Filled with roasted peanuts and crunchy pretzels, this brownie is for the adventurous side of you. Maybe your mind might not understand what’s going on at first, but if your stomach could talk, it would thank you and maybe give you a hug.



No fire? No problem! Graham bottomed brownie with torched marshmallows on top will make you feel like you’re in front of a fire even if you’re not. And if you are sitting in front of a fire, I would even suggest you take that large marshmallow you have in your hands and perfectly roast it so you can put in between two warm brownies. (Can be nut free upon request)



Close your eyes and you'll think it's pecan pie! The perfect duo of pecans and skor bits mixed in with white chocolate. This brownie will definitely give you "Fall Feels".